Why SplashCube

The SplashCube Story
Splash Media has been at the forefront of the social media revolution almost since the beginning. Though we have successfully designed, implemented and managed social media campaigns for hundreds and hundreds of small to midsize businesses across all industries, we realized the need for a tool that would define and measure the effectiveness of social media. After an exhaustive search, we discovered that no software tools met our requirements or needs. We then set out to develop our own tool based on the “real world” of managing real clients and real communities every single day. It worked so well for our own accounts we have decided to make it commercially available due to overwhelming demand. Our solution is SplashCube, the world’s first and only social media software that puts users on the fast track to generating business profits through effective use of social media.
Splash Media
Measure What Really Matters
All social media software available today measures volume or activity metrics; what sets SplashCube apart is that it is the only social media software solution that can correlate those metrics directly to bottom-line business success. SplashCube architects examined hundreds of our own clients’ social communities and we discovered what works: namely, we’ve identified what drives traffic on the web, how to attract that traffic to your site, how to convert those leads to sales, how to keep those customers coming back for more, and how to turn those customers into evangelists on behalf of your company. SplashCube is the only software we know of that can quantify success in this way… the magic is in our amazingly powerful proprietary algorithm.
Follow our Roadmap to Social Media Success
The simplicity of SplashCube takes the guesswork out of what you need to do in order to maximize the potential of your social media efforts to generate positive ROI. Without SplashCube, you would be left on your own to wade through the best practices published by hundreds of organizations and so-called social media gurus and experts. All of the activities and tactics can get in the way of simply communicating to your target audience, and at the end of the day you will probably not have definitive answers to questions such as:

  • How frequent do I post?
  • How much do I reach out and actively seek new fans and followers?
  • How do I maximize my success in Twitter?

SplashCube provides the answers to all of those questions and more while providing you with a proven prescription of tactics that are battle-tested by over 60,000 man-hours of work across hundreds of social media communities.

You, Too, Can be a Social Media Mogul…
We designed SplashCube to be as easy to use and efficient as possible. SplashCube provides one user-friendly interface that enables you to monitor social media for mentions of your brand, interact directly with your fans and followers, and tell you the specific activities you need to do that day to guarantee your success. In just a few minutes a day while using SplashCube, you can be on your way to having a profitable social media marketing program for your business. Here’s the best part: If you’re too busy running your company to tend to your social media efforts, simply train one or more of your employees to use SplashCube. They’re most likely on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn anyway, right? Put them to good use while they’re out there in the social universe!
So Powerful, Yet so Affordable
Splash Media, the developer of SplashCube, charges $5,000 or more per month to manage its clients’ social media marketing campaigns. We realize not every business can afford or wants to outsource their social media marketing. Our goal was to create a powerful and professional level tool that was easy to use for the non-expert, but at an affordable price that would guarantee ROI for their social media investments. SplashCube replaces many of the tools in the marketplace that provide one or two elements of functionality. For instance, one leading social monitoring tool alone costs more than $500 per month per user. You get all of SplashCube’s functionality for much less. Check out our sign-up page for more information on our pricing plans.